Welcome to the Heidelberg Zoo

Find the red Panda hidden in the branches or watch our bubbly elephant bachelors taking a dip – there is a lot to see in our Zoo. Majestic lions, elegant tigers or our brown bears, comical meerkats, wise giant tortoises with 100 years of life experience, our gorilla family or the chimpanzee gang – just a sample of our big variety of fascinating animals.

One of the most popular attractions is the feeding of our sea lions. The clever animals perform a skillful trick show with their keepers to earn their meal before they whizz off back into the pool.

Since its opening in 2010, our spacious elephant enclosure has been attracting many visitors. The newly constructed site is an outstanding architectural piece and has drawn Europe-wide attention. It is home to our four young Asian bull elephants, the first bachelor group in a German zoo. Being up to no good most of the time, the gang is a truly entertaining visitor magnet.

Asian small-clawed otterTheir neighbours are much smaller but not less interesting. If they are not curled up together in a warming furry bunch, the Asian small-clawed otters bustle about across rocks or practice underwater gymnastics. The curious binturongs with their beady eyes observe the passersby closely. They both live right next to the entrance of the elephant house.
Just across the path, zebras, greater kudus and blesboks live the good life strolling alongside pelicans in our African savannah.

We make sure our animals do not get bored. Apart from their generously designed enclosures and the professional care provided by our keepers, the day is full of playful activities to keep their intelligent minds busy:
The chimpanzees love their foodbox. In the suitcase-sized wooden box, the keepers hide tasty treats which can only be retrieved with the help of sticks.
The lazy lions need to lunge out to reach the meat hanging up above their heads.
Other animals like the camels are happy to make use of their scratching post and our brown bears welcoming the visitors by the entrance enjoy the challenge of working their way through a block of ice. In the middle they find frozen fruits.

Beside the “zoo classics”, some of our inhabitants are not so common: Together with Tierpark Hellabrunn in Munich, Zoo Heidelberg is the only place in Germany where you find the endangered roloway monkeys. The beautiful monkey is native to a small area in western Africa and unfortunately has become very rare. To ensure their survival, Zoo Heidelberg breeds the species and also collaborates with other European zoos and conservation projects. Directing the WAPCA project in western Africa, we are actively working for the protection of the roloway monkeys in their natural habitat.

All year round, families can enjoy one of the region’s nicest playgrounds: Our Noah’s arch themed playground offers kids a lot of fun in the main play area. A central square features a handicapped accessible roundabout and a trampoline. Adjacent, toddlers can play on climbing frames and jungle paths. There are plenty more opportunities to play scattered around the zoo: The little ones can ride on carved wooden animals or experiment on a water playground.

Several recreational areas give our visitors a chance to have a rest: A catering tent offers snacks and drinks; from its dining area the children playing are always in view. On a hot day, our picnic ground offers shade provided by trees and awnings to recover from an eventful zoo trip.